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The Persuasive Power
of Information

The title of this poster is called “Impossible to Possible.” In this title ‘Impossible’ represents the Kepler 452b and ‘Possible’ represents the Mars. This poster start with brief illustration and information about our solar system and planets. After that, “Why Mars?’ section is about why people care and concern more about Mars than other planets in our solar system. Then, there are comparison between the Earth and the Mars. This section contains simple infographics for readers to understand and read faster and easier. The next section is about the facts from movie ‘The Martian.’ This movie is really interesting because it’s based on the real facts rather than just imagination. So I chose the three most interesting facts from the movie. Then the story continues to the real world. The next section is about the NASA’s manned mission to Mars in real life. NASA has been working a lot to send man to the Mars from the past. This section explains what they’ve done, and they further plan about their manned mission to Mars in 2030’s. The last part will help readers to imagine the near future abouliving on Mars. This section will show number of interesting facts and imaginations about what would it be like to live on Mars.



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