Place and Destination Branding

For this project, I had to choose a brand/company which related to tourists and design new touch points/marketing plans to make an emotional connection between the brand and their customers. I chose One Life Japan. One Life Japan provides active bike and hike tours and educational programs around the countryside of Japan and gives customers an opportunity to experience rural Japanese life. Overall, when I looked at their website, I found that their tone of voice was calm, comfortable, cosy, relaxed, quiet, peaceful, slow, restful, and friendly.  

I chose Avenir for the new logo because Avenir has both human and modern characteristics, with good legibility. For the color palette, I chose a muted green, light grey, and bright red based on the company’s key values and tone of voice. I chose the muted green based on one of their main key values, which is a “green environment.” I used light grey rather than other colors to make it calmer, simpler, and more legible. The bright red color is from the Japanese flag. With the exception of the bright red, the logo’s color palette is quite muted and soft, because this brand has calm, cosy, peaceful, slow, and friendly characteristics. 


After finishing the logo design, I started to design the package (envelope) that customers will receive after they book a tour. Inside the envelope will be a foldable map (14” x 24”) of the trip they booked. On the front side, the illustrated map shows what customers will see and experience on their trip. I tried to create a very fun and exciting mood for the map; I also tried to reflect some of the company’s characteristics such as comfort, peace, and friendliness. People can imagine and get more excited about the tour with this map. On the backside of the map there are more realistic images and specific information about the tour. People can see their route, the specific distances and altitudes they will travel, a detailed schedule for each day, and photos of important things in each place. 

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