TV Series Sequence

This project is about choosing a specific TV show and create a new sequence for it. I chose the super hero Tv show called “The Flash” directed by Thor Freudenthal. The overall story of this drama is quite obvious, the main Character Barry Allen was hit by lightning and got a super power which is running really fast (At the end of the first season he runs faster than light so he time travelled to the past). He fights against other villains to protect the people in the city, and tries to find the murderer who killed his mother when he was young. I really wanted to focus on the the word Flash. I wanted to use lots of light and lightening effects to

express the feeling of flash and speed. Also,
I loved the theme song for the trailer because I think itexpresses the mood and feeling of the show very well. Mainly I used yellow and red colors in my work, because the main character, “Flash”, wears red suits and leaves yellow streaks behind him when he runs really fast (Opposite to main villain character, he wears yellow suits and leaves red streaks).

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